We’ve created some answers to the most commonly asked questions but if you need more information or have a specific request, please email info@pankind.org.au

  • Registration
    • When does registration open?

      Online registrations are open now for some of our walks. We will be updating our Facebook page as the other walks open for registrations.

    • How do I take part in the walk?

      If you’d like to participate as a walker you must register your details.

    • How much does it cost?

      Entry Age Category Cost per person (online)
      Adult (over 18yrs) $25.00
      Child (5-17yrs) $15.00
      Child (under 5yrs) Free

      Please let us know how many children will be attending.

    • Was my registration successful?

      Once you submit your registration form you will receive a confirmation email.

    • When do registrations close?

      Online registrations close at 5.00 pm the day before the walk. After that time, you can register on the day however we strongly encourage you register before the event.

    • Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

      Under the terms and conditions of entry, we are sorry there are no refunds or transfers.

    • I am having trouble registering/setting up a fundraising page.

      GoFundraise provides support for people experiencing problems with the registration process – please contact the helpdesk on: support@gofundraise.com.au or 1300 889 272.

    • Read the Put Your Foot Down Terms & Conditions

      Please click here to read the full terms and conditions for the Put Your Foot Down events.

  • On the day
    • What time does the walk start?

      Please check the event page on this website for the specific start time.

    • Travel and car parking?

      Please check the specific event page on this website.

    • What should I wear?

      Purple is the international colour of pancreatic cancer so we encourage everyone to get their purple on to show their support! The outfits we see each year are great, and show the dedication of our supporters. There is a prize for best dressed/most creative outfit at each walk!

      Please also wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes suitable for the weather on the day.

    • Can I buy food and merchandise?

      At this stage food will not be offered at the event, however drinks and merchandise will be.

    • How long is the walk?

      Each walk is slightly different but usually between 4 and 5 km.

    • How long does the walk take?

      The walk is not timed so you can take as long as you need. At a casual pace, the walks should take around 45 minutes.

    • Are pets allowed?

      Yes – we love seeing our furry friends attend the walks! Dogs must be leashed at all times and please pick up any droppings.

    • Can I use a stroller or pram?

      The walks are all stroller and pram friendly ?lease refer to the registration page of your specific walk for any more detailed information.

    • Is there somewhere to leave my possessions during the event?

      No, please carry all possessions with you.

    • What if it’s raining?

      The walk will still go ahead if it rains. In the unlikely situation of the walk needing to be cancelled due to extreme weather, an announcement will be made on our website as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts by 7.00 am on the morning of the walk.

  • Fundraising
    • What do you mean by Fundraising?

      While registration fees make it possible to cover the costs of running the walk, Fundraising is an essential part of helping us meet our mission of increasing survival rates and quality of life for patients through medical research – we need your help. Your fundraising page is automatically generated when you register so please spread the word and ask your friends and family to support your walk.

    • How do I Fundraise?

      We have created some Fundraising tips and ideas to help you – don’t forget the highest individual and team fundraisers will win a prize on the day!

    • What is a team fundraising page?

      Are you a group walking for someone affected by pancreatic cancer? Why not walk together and multiply your impact.

      It’s simplest if your team leader registers first and creates the team. Once the team is set up, additional members can join when they register

      If you are having trouble joining a team, please contact the helpdesk on: support@gofundraise.com.au or 1300 889 272.

    • How can people donate to support my walk?

      Anyone can contribute to your fundraising page – they simply need to click on the “Support a Walker” button. This will give them the option to select the person or team they want to donate to and enter their payment details.

      The most efficient way of contributing money to the foundation is through your fundraising page, however, supporters can also donate offline.

      Offline donations:


      • Credit card – email info@pankind.org.au with donation details.
      • CCheque – cheques can be mailed to us at PanKind The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation PO Box 1216 Manly NSW 1655
      • Cash – cash should be given to us on the day along with your donation form or transferred into our account, email info@pankind.org.au for transfer details.


    • Are donations tax deductible?

      Yes, all donations above $2 are tax deductible, however, walker registration fees are not.

    • Is there a minimum sponsorship required?

      Fundraising is optional however we are incredibly grateful to everyone who makes a contribution, no matter how small, to allow us to continue to make headway in pancreatic cancer research and treatment.

    • Where does the money go?

      All profits raised from our walks (registrations, donations, food/drinks and merchandise) go toward achieving our mission of dramatically increasing survival rates and quality of life for pancreatic cancer patients and their families PanKind has channelled over $7.6m into cutting-edge medical research since 2008 and we will continue to focus on funding the best research in Australia to find a breakthrough.

      Find out more about our grants and research program.

    • How do you keep costs down?

      Thanks to our generous corporate sponsors we are able to keep the costs of running our walks to a minimum. Woolworths Limited supply gift vouchers and donate products/prizes, Wellcom prints our posters, Beak and Johnston donate the sausages, Red Jelly design our posters and muk Haircare supply our prizes.