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About the walks

What are the Put Your Foot Down walks?

In Australia, 8 people will die from pancreatic cancer each day and the disease is the fifth most common cancer killer in Australia, with a devastatingly low five-year survival rate of only 9.8%.

Our flagship walk events around the country are a way for those affected by the disease to unite, raise awareness and support each other while putting their foot down and saying enough is enough – the story for pancreatic cancer needs to change!

Since 2008, the Put Your Foot Down walks in Hobart, Perth, Melbourne, Townsville, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide have united almost 16,000 Australians and raised over $1.2m for pancreatic cancer research.

Importantly, the walks are a fun and positive way for patients, their families, and local communities to share their experiences and do something that makes a real impact for the disease.

Why fundraise?

The Put Your Foot Down walks raise critical funds for pancreatic cancer research and patient support.

It is expected that there will be over 3,300 pancreatic cancer diagnoses in Australia in 2020.

But, with little or no government funding, the Avner Foundation is leading the way by funding cutting-edge medical research at Australia’s leading instituitions. Our grass-roots community events around the country play a crucial role in funding this research.

That makes your contribution attending the walks and fundraising so important!

Fundraising is easy and lots of fun, and we have created some tips and ideas to help you get started.